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  • unbreakmyheart
  • c/o Sabine-Lydia Schmidt
  • Lilistr. 39 | 63067 Offenbach am Main | Germany
  • [W] : www.unbreakmyheart.de
  • [Ph] : 0049 69 37400892
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"unbreakmyheart" is a small independent label that accommodates frankfurt- and berlin-based artists. Founded in 2011 by Sabine-Lydia Schmidt, UMH releases Vinyl to stem the increasing tide of digitalization in music, reclaiming the ethics of DIY and pushing back to the tangible physical experience of sound and live performances, as it used to be. unbreakmyheart is known for bringing live shows to several frankfurt venues and off-spaces, such as IvI, Azita, Bar Plank! and Robert Johnson Club. We are a collective of young people who try to express music, culture, design and print by the fall-in-love-with-it principle. Feel free to write love letters.
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Mathias Bär