Young Hare
In 2011 Young Hare (Marc Krause, Martin Pfanzer) started their new band project in a studio above the roofs of Frankfurt. They had already played together in different bands before. Martin is a sound designer, Marc works as photographer on the visual side. Their tastes fit together perfectly. Their releases to date are a demo tape, a EP, and a split with Bdybldng from Berlin. The record will be collaboratively published by Altin Village & Mine and unbreakmyheart, a decision reached due to long-lasting and fresh friendship, and that brings together exactly what everybody is best at. Young Hare has played concerts with, among others, Pttrns, Future Islands, Xiu Xiu Larsen, at Enu e.V. Open Air, at Museum Angewandte Kunst Frankfurt, and at the 2013 Fusion Festival. This year a tour is planned with label-mates Urban Homes.

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